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Notice for Alfred Residents

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                                              ALFRED RESIDENTS

In the last few days there have been several social media sites discussing due dates for Alfred property taxes. Some of the comments give the impression that due dates and interest charges can be postponed by the Selectmen. They cannot. It is important for you to have the facts if and when you read these types of posts.

Alfred's due date for taxes and the date when the interest begins are voted on at the Annual Town Meeting. The language is in an article on the Town Warrant and the due dates of October 1st and April 1st are specified. The date the interest begins and the interest rate are also specified in the article. The vote the people cast at the Annual Town Meeting last June is binding.

An example would be the Selectmen unilaterally moving money allocated for Fire and Rescue to Parks and Recreation to buy playground equipment. It cannot be done.

The Board of Selectmen does not have the authority to change this unless they have a "Town Charter" allowing them to do so. Alfred does not have a "Town Charter" and only 15% of Maine's 432 towns and municipalities do have "Town Charters."

Governor Mills’ Emergency Declaration has no impact on this situation.

The due dates, interest rate and the day interest begins has always been listed on your tax bill.  The town initially announced the due date of April 1st on the town website and Facebook on March 18th.

Hopefully, this clears up any confusion, but if you have any questions please call the Town Hall at 324-5872.

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Notice for Alfred Residents


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